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Kleinroosboom Party Ramble (Min 8 - Max 12 People Durbanville)

Cape Town

Activity Description

Alrighty, folks, gather ‘round and prepare yourselves for a grape adventure like no other! We’re here to introduce you to the fabulous extravaganza known as the Party Bike at Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery. It’s your golden ticket to a symphony of great MUSIC, some seriously awesome WINE, and a quality TIME-out session right in the heart of those lush Vineyards.
Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “Do I have to pedal this thing?” Fear not, my friends! This Party Bike is like the superhero of bikes, powered by sunlight and boasting a mind-blowing maximum speed of a whopping 8 km/h. Yep, you heard me right – you can leave your pedaling ambitions at home and just focus on soaking in the good vibes.
Picture this: You and your crew, cruising through the vineyards in style. We’ve got you covered with ice, cooler boxes, wine glasses, and even wine glass and bottle holders – because who wants to spill a drop of that liquid gold? And let’s not forget about the tunes – we’ve got a killer playlist lined up to keep the party vibes going strong.
We’ll be taking you on a scenic journey, meandering through the vineyards and making pit stops at some jaw-dropping viewing points. And guess what? We’ve decked out the Party Bike with all the comforts you need. Think comfy seats with backrests, spacious bar counters, adjustable pedal heights (for those who just can’t resist a little pedaling), and a driver who’s a one-person entertainment show.
But wait, there’s more! Before or after your wild vineyard escapade, we’ve got not one, but two reserved Party Bike tables with your name on them. That’s right – it’s like having your own VIP corner. So, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a bachelorette shindig, or just itching for a fantastic time with your crew, this is the place to be.
Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Before your epic Party Bike adventure kicks off, swing by the winery about half an hour ahead of time. This will give you the chance to stock up on wines and snacks that’ll make your taste buds do the happy dance. Pro tip: Grab your vino from the winery – it’s a budget-friendly move that’ll make your wallet thank you.
But hey, if you’re in the mood for some beer or other drinks, along with scrumptious platters and snacks, the Deli’s got you covered. And if you’re feeling extra fancy with a side of boujee, we’re all ears – just let us know if you’ve got wine tasting or lunch plans at the restaurant.
So there you have it, folks. Get ready for the vineyard ride of a lifetime, a Party Bike extravaganza that’ll have you laughing, sipping, and creating memories you’ll be chatting about for years to come. See you at Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery – where the grapes are sweet, the vibes are even sweeter, and the Party Bike is the cherry on top.


Duration2 hours
WhenTuesday to Sunday
WhereKlein Roosboom Wine Estate (Durbanville)
WeatherRain in Cape Town can be unpredictable. If we are unhappy with the forecast due to rain or damaged roads, we will contact you on the morning of the booking day and reschedule your outing to a suitable date and time. Anyone boarding the Party Bike under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a supervising adult.
What to Wear* Comfortable clothes and shoes * Sun hat * Sunglasses * a Smile on your face
Things to BringAll food and beverages are purchased from the Deli and winery at Klein Roosboom before heading out on your vineyard outing.
Guests or SpectatorsGuests are not allowed to turn up intoxicated; we simply cannot allow you to come on board if you are. Additionally we’d ask you to remain on board whilst we’re moving, and to obey all instructions from our staff who will give you a full safety talk at the start. Please arrive a little before your allocated booking slot, to purchase all wine and food needed for your outing. Bring your camera, you will get some fantastic pictures.


Minimum Age10 years
Minimum Height0.0 m
Maximum Height0.0 m
Fitness LevelNo Fitness Requirement
QualificationsNot Applicable
Maximum Weight0.0 kg
CertificationNone Required
Experience LevelNo Experience Requirement

Inclusions and Exclusions

  • Party Bike designated driver
  • Music playlists on the Party Bike
  • Cell phone holder and charger
  • Bottle openers, Wine bottle and glass holders
  • Cooler boxes
  • Wine glasses
  • Ice
  • Fans
  • Wine tasting
  • Beverages
  • Bar tender
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Meals and snacks
  • Guitarist
  • Videographer


Bookings for lunch or tastings can be made directly at Partybike is the largest e-bike in South Africa, used within the tourism industry for social events with a difference. The Partybike can take a maximum of 12 passengers, 8 on peddling points, and 4 on resting points. a Five speed gearbox makes easy work of any inclines, and a solar powered electrical motor can do all the work if you choose to rest and just enjoy a cold beverage at the bar counter, whilst enjoying the scenery, the company, and listening to music playlists of your choice.

Customer Reviews

What a way to celebrate starting my 30's! People arranging the party ramble are friendly and easy accessible. They received us with assistance and excitement, the driver always willing to assist and keep our glasses full with a smile! The experience and views was absolutely incredible. We had quite a few stop points to enjoy, take pictures and fill up our glasses. I will absolutely do this again! - Chantell

Ons het dit vreeslik baie geniet, goeie diens, vriendelike en behulpsame drywer. Sal dir beslis aanbeveel - Marco

We thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful afternoon . This was a pre wedding excursions with our guests from england and everyone had an amazing time. Highly recommend - Tanya

What a unique experience! Made us feel as if we were experiencing the essence of Cape Town all over again. Would recommend it 100% - Carin

The party bike was tremendous fun and our driver, sorry cannot remember his name, was so personable. We were extremely lucky regarding the weather as well. Wonderful views from the vineyard, Table Mountain and the valley. - Ronel

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